Thursday, August 19, 2010

US Values: Conform or Die!

A recent news article about whether or not Obama is a Muslim (the silliness of which I do not intend to dignify with comment), includes these statistics:

And 32 percent said Muslims should be barred from running for US president, while 28 percent said they should be prohibited from serving on the US Supreme Court, and 25 percent said most US Muslims do not believe in US values.

I always thought one of the hallmarks of "US values" was the freedom to not believe in US values. Say, for the sake of argument, that 25% of the population is right and Islam is intrinsically opposed to American values (much the better for Islam in my opinion): so what? If you oppose them on those grounds then you obviously do not believe in US values. At that point, you would need to begin opposing yourself as well. Hopefully everyone can see the futility of that. Or will bigotry blind us to even most basic truths?

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