Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Realizing Fears in Egypt

An acquaintance recently shared with me this news article by the Assyrian International New Agency. I cannot find it being carried by any other news agencies and so I am hesitant to accept it as fact too quickly. I do not, however, have any real reason to doubt it, and so I will pass it along for others to consider.

The article focuses on the abduction of a Christian teenager from her home but outlines a number of violent acts against Christians since the outset of the protests in Egypt. The includes a church being torched, Christians having stones hurled at them, three murders, a conspiracy to sabatoge a church construction, and just general violence against Coptic Christians. This was the most disturbing portion to me:

St. Mary and St. Michael church was the scene on November 24, 2010 of severe clashes between State Security forces and Copts protesting over the closure of their church, during which the forces used tear gas and live ammunition against the protesters, resulting in the killing of three Copts, hundreds of injuries and the arrest of 176 Copts...

During the protests in Tahrir Square which, culminated in the ousting of President Mubarak, a period which witnessed the complete absence of the security forces from the streets, the congregation of St. Mary and St. Michael church was guarding the church, which was closed on November 24. On February 6, as soon as a few security officers came back on duty, they stormed the church and evicted the priest and the congregation who were keeping vigil there and holding services praying for peace in Egypt.

I suspect that this will not be the last time my fears about the unrest in Egypt and its effect on Christians there will be realized.

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