Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Nice Thought Inspired by National City

The National City Christian Church, the headquarters of the Disciples of Christ, just observed its fifth annual blessing of the dogs. The idea is a refreshing one and not simply because it is a clever tool for both evangelism and community involvement (though it certainly is). It is nice to see a church--particularly a church so near to the Churches of Christ--making an effort to recognize the broad scope of God's blessings for His diverse and magnificent creation. Granted, the description in the linked article makes the affair seem more like a themed publicity stunt than a theologically motivated stand, but I nevertheless enjoy the thought that we are somewhere implicitly acknowledging that God's blessings are not merely for mankind. It is important to remember that redemption is ultimately cosmological rather than anthropological just as the Fall had ramifications beyond simply human nature. Even as we admit that humanity has a certain pride of place as the focal point of that redemptive plan and a mediator of God's grace to creation, we cannot help but see that God's love is not limited by or for humanity.

If you have one, you might make time to thank God for your dog and ask His abundant blessings on man's best friend, for a change, and not merely on man.

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