Thursday, May 31, 2012

Cow News

Here's a nice, light change of pace as we close out May. My favorite part about this story of brave Boston bovids (see, I can be alliterative as well, CBS News) is not the inebriated cattle but the scared and screaming "young adults." C'mon, folks. They're cows. Do the right thing and offer them some pretzels:

[Six cows] crashed a backyard party Sunday night and started drinking the beer, police said, according to CBS Boston...According to a report, officers said about a dozen young adults - as in people - had been drinking beer at a picnic table when the cows showed up.

"I could hear them [the partygoers] screaming in the backyard and I hoped they weren't getting trampled," Lt. James Riter told WickedLocal Boxford..."I saw one cow drinking the beer on its way down as it spilled off the table...Some of the cows were also picking through the empties in the recycling bin...They just went in and helped themselves."

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