Monday, September 12, 2011

Cow News

I am a little late in sharing this, but it warrants mention all the same:

The search for Yvonne, the six-year-old cow that dashed to freedom just before she was to be transported to a slaughterhouse in southern Germany, has been called off. The cow has become a star, drawing international attention to Zangberg, the Bavarian commune where she made her escape.

Yvonne has been at large since May 24. But she made headlines in late July, when she ran across a highway and nearly collided with a police car. That led authorities to deem her a threat — and they issued a call for hunters to shoot the cow on sight.

That order was later suspended, partly due to a public outpouring of support for Yvonne. But Monday, the local government made the suspension permanent — and forbade anyone to hunt her with deadly force.

I am glad they found her and delighted that the police came to their senses. It would be a shame to have executed this brilliant creature (which activists have called "as nimble as a weasel" in alluding capture). I encourage you to read the rest of Yvonne's amazing story.

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