Saturday, September 17, 2011

Pat Robertson Encourages Divorce

Here is a striking nod to amoral pragmatism that I never thought I would see from Pat Robertson. With the question recently posed to him on the 700 Club about how to live with a spouse who has Alzheimer's, Robertson responded the man "should divorce her and start all over again" provided the abandoned spouse was medically provided for.

Terry Meeuwsen, Robertson's co-host, asked him about couples' marriage vows to take care of each other "for better or for worse" and "in sickness and in health."

"If you respect that vow, you say 'til death do us part,'" Robertson said during the Tuesday broadcast. "This is a kind of death."

I can only wonder what other kinds of metaphorical "death" Robertson might also use to justify divorce. Other degenerative diseases? Apostasy, a kind of spiritual death? Sitting through one too many episodes of the 700 Club? We may never know just how slippery a slope he has embarked upon.

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